Hi, I'm Jhonti (aka Seytonic)

I created the Seytonic YouTube channel in 2016, initially to showcase my hardware hacking projects (mostly anything and everything BadUSB related). My projects ranged from making $1 BadUSBs using digispark development boards to constructing self destructing SSDs.

In early 2020 I transitioned to making cyber security news content. Cyber security has always been a fascinating topic for me, though it's inherently a complex and often verbose topic. As such I wanted to make content which conveys cyber security news in a more approachable way. The topic is only going to become a more important dimension of technology, so it's best we all have some understanding of it.

Other than running 'Seytonic' I also run Maltronics which makes hardware pentesting tools, you can learn more about that here.

Also, before you ask, the name Seytonic has no backstory or meaning behind it - I needed a cool sounding pseudonym, (as my childhood gamertag had run its course) and so I settled on Seytonic. It just sounded interesting, the fact it sounds like Satanic is merely incidental.